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Nomadics Robot Software and Hardware Support

This project aims to share resources amongst users of Nomadics robots. Nomadics was a supplier of research robots for many years but has now gone out of the robotics business and no longer provides updated binaries for it's robots. Therefore, an effort has been started to share any information amongst owners of Nomadics robots.


There is currently available software for the xrdev library, the Nrobot daemon and the matching kernel module (for the XR4000 series of robots). FAQs are coming here this week! I have software for the Nomad 200 and Scout robots and will look into releasing that later on. Please join the mailing lists or write to the project discussion forums!


First of all, read the FAQ. Hopefully, we've answered most of your questions there.

Other resources are classified according to the type of Nomadics robot:

The XR4000 is the latest and largest robot that Nomadics produced.
Nomad 200
The Nomad 200 is arguably the best robot that Nomadics made. It was this robot that established Nomadics in the research robotics market.
Nomad Scout
The Nomad Scout and SuperScout are two smaller robots which are a nice size for many simpler tasks. Unfortunately, they tend to be unreliable.

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